The German Coalition

The German SPD, Greens and FDP have concluded their coalition negotiations and published the coalition agreement. It’s called “Dare to make more progress!” It is available from the SPD on their site and I have also put it up on this site. I have also passed it through google translate, and so we can now read it in English, well sort of. Google translate now takes a document as input. Continue reading “The German Coalition”

Class Actions on Privacy

The Supreme Court has blocked a class action against Google claiming breach of privacy. This could be mega. I need to understand if making a class action requires a proof of harm as I was of the view that a breach of rights was enough, although we have written the CFR out of our law via Brexit. As ever my notes … Continue reading “Class Actions on Privacy”

British Army Command & Doctrine

I was prompted by a plaque in the Tank Museum to consider if the Army was always looking back to the last war. It certainly seems to have done poorly in both Iraq & Afghanistan. In fact, once the British were known for winning their wars, but the hostory over the last 40 years is not so good. Looking on Google, about the Army’s institutional memory took me to “Losing the new great game” which discusses, quite critically the management of the military campaigns mainly in Afghanistan. It certainly reinforced some conclusions I had come too and the written paper, is very well referenced for those who want more. Continue reading “British Army Command & Doctrine”