Is this a good idea? Let’s see how far we get …

  • Media Wiki, hosts the code and installation instructions, they suggest using one of several databases, including MySQL and MariaDB; there maybe a dependency on back rev versions of PHP. Do we still have a problem with unattended apt and the databases?
  • We need LAMP, here’s ubuntu on the topic and also cherryservers. Do I need to fix the firewall?
  • I have used apt to install php using the runes on the media wiki requirements page. The require some extensions, and this page documents how to check.
  • Do I need anymore apache modules? Or amendments to the apache.conf file?
  • Do i need to fix postfix?

Google suggest one looks at Doku Wiki, which uses the filesystem as its store, MoinMoin, Xwiki and Bookstack. I am also pointed at Confluence and Joomla and Drupal, and of course, wordpress can be made to do it too.

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