Someone pointed me at this and I thought why not? I decided to have a go at installing it under Virtual Box. Here are my notes and links …

What I found

  • Get Haiku NB Even W11 count as x86 for some reason!
  • How to install Haiku on Virtual Box, from which I learnt, you need a reasonable RAM, you need to use the installer to format and partition the disk. and reset the mouse.
  • And here’s a page on virtual box from the community, the functionality of guest additions maybe a problem, specifically the screen size.
  • I then wanted to change Haiku desktop wallpaper, a video by Paul although most of this text is about making an image.
  • That WebPositive is the name of the browser, although it’s currently hanging on my machine, HaikuDepot is the name of the repo manager, and I have installed Otter, and will look for Gnome Web
  • A video commentary by OTB, from which I have copied this article’s featured image.
  • How to install a custom icon into Virtual Box

Now I need to see if we can make shared folders work, the screen is tiny and it seems unstable.

When asking how much RAM is required, I found Virtualizing virtualbox on the Haiku site.

On medium, a pointer to the top level pages.

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