I am looking for a wintel messaging server for games, first call being for Call of Duty II, I think. I am looking for a mini/compact if possible. This is an unfinished project and here are my notes.

It needs windows, and preferably an RJ45 port, or it would in my home. I think it needs an I5 or better and windows places a minimum RAM requirement. i.e. a Celereon is probably not what I need.

I can find no documentation on how to run the COD2 server, although plenty of ads for third party servers. Perhaps I need to study the manual, here’s what steam has to say.

This is where I am.

  1. Reddit have a subreddit., but it’s not dealing with what I want.
  2. Amazon have a bunch but filtering out the Celereon based hosts, is not easy, I found a good looking HP, a Pro mini 400, and a review which I summarise as ‘meh’. Also at amazon, some NIPOGI, systems but not found one with an intel i5 CPU. Perhaps I should look harder.
  3. I looked at the NIGOGI site, and found this, which seems what I need, it claims a “12th Gen Intel Alder Lake-N95 Prozessor”. Wikipedia on Alder lake.
  4. Using a google search for small i5 computers and then placing a price filter on VJM computers returns a bunch of mini PCs some of which look ok.

There are a bunch of 3rd party servers, for instance, GTX gaming have COD 3 server. , and game tracker advertise a bunch on their site.

The image is from wallpaper cave.

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