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With the imminent arrival of the state hacking of end-to-end encryption, I decided to have another look at XMPP. Here are my notes.

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One Protocol to Rule them all

I say, can tech vendors meets the coming EU messaging systems interoperability requirements. A white paper “One Protocol to Rule Them All? On Securing Interoperable Messaging” by Jenny Blessing (U. of Cambridge) and Ross Anderson (U. of Cambridge & Edinburgh)

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More about Mastodon

Mastodon is in the news again; huge numbers are joining after Musk bought twitter. Here are some notes on what it is, what’s the mystery, and how to join it. …

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I returned to in Oct 2016 and again in May 2017 when I rebuilt the page deprecating aged content . The page had remained unchanged since I had to stop my 2015 experiments.

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Instant Messaging and Chat (Deprecated)

This article has not matured well. I had been planning to write a blog, which discussed the current attempts led by Google to re-enclose the chat communities.  The landscape had changed, with Google, in the spring of 2013 shit-canning Google Reader its RSS reader, and crippling XMPP in Google Talk. I had meant to write something…

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Google Talk & Pidgin (deprecated)

I first attempted this in August 2008. I have successfully configured Pidgin 2.0.1 to act as a client although in one case I have two channels between me and my correspondent. One of the reasons was to have a second XMPP chat service to test my problems with Pidgin and my work’s XMPP server. See…

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Meta I have been using Pidgin as a multi-protocol client for my instant messenger services since about 2008. This page is now marked as deprecated. The contents of this page originally relate to problems I was having with pidgin on a windows system. It was written in the Autumn of 2008 and both windows and…

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