Mastodon is in the news again; huge numbers are joining after Musk bought twitter. Here are some notes on what it is, what’s the mystery, and how to join it. …


  1., is the first instance directory I found and I wanted to check it out.
  2. An instance list at, although it also has a short quiz to help you shorten the list.
  3., a good write up on features, philosophy and tools or
  4., another how to written by a fan
  5., their (the code wranglers) documentation
  6. mastodon-how-to-dm-send-messages on direct messaging, on gizmodo, there’s a flag on the message.
  7. how-to-find-twitter-friends-on-mastodon/, from wired
  8. Finding twitter friends on mastodon, or which also searches for user strings in your twitter follower list, both these require the mastodon user strings to be in the twitter profile
  9. There is a CLI application for Linux, called toot; it has a number of command line arguments, it seems to store the login parameters on the disk; you must login interactively the first time. It’s code is here, and web page is here, its available afaik in the raspbian repos. I asked about direct messages, and was pointed at the mastodon documentation. Here is the short cut, toot --visibility direct "@username message text".
  10. There are lots of apps to help you use it, Best Mastodon Apps download for android and 5 Best Mastodon Clients for Ubuntu and Other Linux from debug point.

Despite the exposure of the ‘federation’ functionality on the , it appears this is a developer or service engineer function. The best definition of federation I have seen is that, it’s like email, we don’t all join one email service and yet anyone with an email address can receive emails. Choosing a service/instance is a bit like choosing an email provider!

To get started just join it. Try and choose a short user name as mastodon adds the instance name to it.

I also have this page, which has some stuff to read, and notes on virtual box.

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  1. I am looking at blog-to-mastodon auto-posting, I tried activitypub which is named after the common protocol used by multiple fediverse applications. There are two problems here for me, I can’t work out how to discover the fediverse address, and they say it will not work from a subdirectory, so it’s no good for the wiki.

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