I first attempted this in August 2008. I have successfully configured Pidgin 2.0.1 to act as a client although in one case I have two channels between me and my correspondent. One of the reasons was to have a second XMPP chat service to test my problems with Pidgin and my work’s XMPP server. See Pidgin on this site, and I have written this up on my old Sun blog, at an article called google talk and pidgin, published on 10th October 2008.


I have not been able to login to Google talk using Pidgin on my Windows XP SP3 desktop, and have problems using the same version on the laptop. I am using Pidgin 2.5.1. I have no google mail and so use gmail.com as my domain. I obtained a handle using the google talk gadget and can connect to correspondents using Pidgin 2.0.1, which I use on another laptop, using these parameters and my usual password.

I have set

Require SSL/TLS = No
Force Old Port = Yes
Connect Port = 443
Connect Server = talk.google.com

and USE GLOBAL PROXY, which I believe is unset, as are the enviromental settings.

I am behind a broadband router which has NAT functionality. Do I need to open any ports on the external firewall.

I am currently getting a read error.

I am also trying to connect to another XMPP server, which isn’t a problem with Pidgin V2.0.1


I have contributed to the latter thread.

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