I needed to have another look at IRC. Sadly it seems this is a dead end. Here are my notes this time. …

Things have moved on, and not always for the best I am advised this has moved on such that it’s no longer usable.  Perhaps I should move this article to a comment on what i wrote before, now deprecated.

However, I need to research Slack, arguable an IRC clone, so I will put those comments here.


  1. Making the most of slack at your non-profit from techsoup.org
  2. How to build a slack community from online geniuses
  3. How to create setup grow a highly engaged community with slack from Hamster Pad on medium, it’s an overlay social network, but offers a means of distributing invitations to join
  4. What is slack? from rag tag notes, first time I see it’s free for small non-profits, although not sure if they offer this to political organisations (or what political is, since charities may not be political under UK law).
  5. Admin essentials 101 2 a webinar by Slack
  6. lmgtfy “how to build a community using slack”
  7. lmgtfy “how to invite people to a slack community using a third party messaging application”
  8. Also Slack’s home page and its pricing

The slack client, if invoking “add teammates” allows the generation of an invite code.

The reply to thread button is tiny 🤓


I collected these links when I thought that IRC might be the answer

  1. Why 2020 Is the Perfect Time to Revisit IRC from how to geek
  2. Freenode is dead, long live irc dated 2021
  3. The 7 Best Chat Apps and Clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  4. Franz a console software product, I think i used this on my Mac for something. Now a freemium product.
  5. Jabber, is it still there? I used to use this,  https://jabber.hot-chilli.net/,when I say I used to use it, I had an account. I tried to use this page  to contact them, but it doesn’t seem to work.
  6. Pidgin

Some IRC links

  1. Get Started with IRC (Internet Relay Chat) from wikihow
  2. Joining freenode IRC from unicorn utterances
  3. A thread at forums.mirc.com on error nickname is already in use
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