It’s project time again. I need to build an application. It needs a database, and writing the procedural code in SQL is easier for me. So step one is to find an ERD/generator. Here are my notes …

Some ERD modelling tool reviews,

  1. Top 5 free database diagram design tools from holistics i/o who state that QuickDBD, ERD Plus, DrawSQL can generate SQL and are free at the scale I need.
  2. Top 7 entity relationship diagram tools from trevor i/o, who adds, Lucidchart, DB Diagram.

From Trevor I/O,

If you’re modelling an existing database, want to get it done fast, and have it stay up to date, try

If you’re creating something new and prefer code over a GUI, try QuickDBB or DBDiagram.

If you require more flexibility and have a bit more time to spend creating and maintaining your diagram, try LucidChart.

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