This page talks about classification of content, and navigation.  It is based on a page brought across to this site from which ran from 2009 until 2017. I experimented with an ello account from November 2014 through to some time in 2016 when I moved it to a personal micro-blog at These posts were also brought across to here on March 2018.


I write mainly about Technology, Politics, and Technology Politics.

These key categories were developed while working at Sun and as a result of work undertaken at there, where I undertook some public policy work and it became clear to me that both Open Source and collaborative development were crucial engines of economic development.

Also since leaving Sun and returning to London I also rebooted my membership of the Labour Party in 2010, my activism there has led me to think and campaign and so I have written about these things on the blogs. The default category for the micro-blog was “thoughts”.

The categories are Politics, Technologythoughtsadmin, travel, culture and silly, and each post is also additionally tagged. The categories (and tags) have feeds;

The tag feeds are constructed as follows,<keyword>, a tag cloud can be found here….

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