I have a personal wiki, where I post my notes and findings about Technology, I.T., Travel, computer games, gadgets and there’s a few articles about just living one’s life. There’s also some politics and economics, but not so much today. Under the technology, there’s a bunch of stuff about home I.T. and blogging, proving the rule that what bloggers most like to write about is blogging.

Comments are open, there is a social login plugin to allow you to comment using your own social network logins.

Articles on the wiki are more likely to be unfinished, often representing work in progress. There are a large number of navigation features available on the sidebar and via the sitemap , feeds and index pages. They are also accessible via  the tag cloud page.

The Wiki’s “About the Site” deals with cookies, the login feature and the site’s history.

The site was moved from it’s sub-domain to a being a branch/sub-site of davelevy.info.

Go to the new wiki.davelevy.info