The only personal data I hold is if you make comments, I will hold this for as long as the comments are on the blog. This is in order to notify you of any further comments added to the conversation.  The “subscribe to this blog” feature uses feedburner as a mail forwarder, this is held until you unsubscribe. , I shall not sell or share this data. It is stored on servers owned by One&One, and is located either in the EU, or in countries deemed adequate or subject to the EU privacy shield.

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This is a non-commercial web site.

I try to obey the law, which means that there should be no copyrighted material unless permission has been given. All copyright owners material should be and will be recognised. I will exercise my “fair use/fair dealing” rights, and my rights as a blog publisher, etc.  etc.

I have tried to conduct a search to identify the copyright status and owners of all third party content, but mainly images, to allow me to comply with the copyright restrictions and obligations. In the case of some images, I have been unable to identify the terms and/or owners but since they are already available on the internet, I have either linked or made local copies in order to ensure the long term availability of the image and for performance reasons. A third reasons for storing images is that wordpress’s featured image cannot  function using a remote URL and so I have created a local/cache copy,  possibly resized to permit the image’s use as ‘featured’ image.

I have usually changed the size and/or cropped the pictures; these are not a derived work.

I have used some pictures which are copyright UK Parliament who publish the pictures under Creative Commons and add additional restrictions. I have complied with there terms.

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Opinion is mine and not my employers.

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Acceptable Use

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WordPress uses cookies to manage various things, so do some of the plugins. I don’t read any of them.


I changed my twitter policy and announced it on this blog, where I state that “comments are mine, retweets, likes and bookmarks do not signify agreement”, bookmarks likely to mean ‘read later’.


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