Corbynomics Again

I meant to write a piece on why the macro-economics in Labour's Manifesto and the coherence of the 10 pledges were a compelling reason to vote Labour but ran out of time. Here's some links to help you & me.

  1. Richard wrote this in 2016, it's much of this for which he issued the apology, although much of what he says on the economics is and remains correct. They had dropped PQE and McDonnell's variation on the "Fiscal Charter" makes no more sense than Osbourne's.
  2. I was pointed at the wayback machine's copy of the original document and put it on my Wiki.
  3. In 2015, the election hung on Economic Credibility vs. the Long Term Economic Plan, the deficit and national debt was the all encompassing issue. How times change? Economists and history are united, austerity can't resolve a deficit and debt problem, only economic growth can do that and Jeremy Corbyn's leadership has been about challenging the Tory orthodoxy, one still supported by some of the scions of New Labour.
  4. Here's the 10 pledges, it's at the Labour Party site and so will be shit canned at some point. (Note to self, that's what diigo's for.)