Labour's right wing in the PLP are belatedly questioning the wisdom of running an open primary for leader. This is to my mind designed to attack both the legitimacy of the result and the newly engaged. The numbers show that it is a massive success and I for one welcome the newcomers.

  1. Labour has opened its leadership election to all those who can state that they support the Labour Party's aims & values, and are not members of organisation opposed. Number estimates vary, but several 10's of thousands have taken up this option. Some of these are people who left since 1997, many are people getting involved in politics for the first time and if you want to join in, use the link in the 'snip' immediately below.
  2. Some are unhappy with this.
  3. I am not
  4. I for one welcome those who are joining Labour as members and supporters
  5. Tim at Zelo Street, points out the fraudulent nature of those who sign the declaration dishonestly.
  6. The declaration is as follows,
  7. I support the aims and values of the Labour Party, and I am not a supporter of any organisation opposed to it
  8. Phil points out that there just aren't that many Trots and Tankies,
  9. I have a over long and but well substantiated comment on this article, stating that the new members and supporters aren't entryists, most newcomers have joined the Labour Party as full members, average longevity of membership has fallen to under two years, and that maybe as many as 80% have joined since 2010, either to fight to defend the Labour Government, to vote for Ed Miliband as Leader or to support his campaign to become PM; it's a different party from that which existed in 2010.
  10. And Labour's application of 'local knowledge' suggest that the problem is not that large.
  11. Labour's HQ wrote to local officers and MPs where we have them and asked us to look at the new members/supporters to see if 'local knowledge' could help identify any rogue applicants. It should be noted that this will have occurred not just from the left, but also the right, encouraged by the Daily Telegraph (see above).
  12. Left Unity stirs the pot with a press release repeated by the BBC
  13. although they make the point that people can change their mind, and they're right, we should be thrilled that people see Labour as part of the answer. Left Unity in particular were a response to Labour moving to the right.
  14. Alex Andreou, needing more words than normal laments his treatment as he inches his way back to the Labour fold. He argues the abuse and fear comes from three factors, the fervent belief that moving the party to the left will mean electoral oblivion, the notion that the only thing worth being is “in power”, regardless of what you do to get there and a narrow view of the Labour grassroots movement as some private members-only club. I think we're past the days when my father told someone that the Labour Party was full.
  15. It's a powerful and comprehensive piece of writing.
  16. Yesterday, another Labour MP weighed in attacking the process and the legitimacy of the the its participants and the result
  17. It's very funny when we consider that this reform was proposed by the PLP as a means of minimising the membership's influence on the electorate. There's a number of them with very squeaky bums. It's also funny that people like me opposed the reform.
  18. My key message is that new members and registered supporters, you're welcome, help us make the Labour Party a successful campaigning organisation capable of building a better society.