Labour's Leadership Lost

The politics in early August, the title is a play on words of various literary greats.

  1. I have picked a couple of articles arguing mainly for support for Jeremy Corbyn. I shall deal with the shenannigans elsewhere, I am tryinf to stay high minded tonight.
  2. Owen Jones, bravely asks nine questions of Jeremy and his supporters, in an article entitled
  3. Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer

  4. Paul Mason replies confronting the fact that a hard-core of Labour coup plotters intend to destroy Labour as an effective opposition between now and 2020.
  5. Possibly most importantly, Neal Lawson continues to support the wave not the surfer, and in this open letter to Labour, this least tribal of Labour thinkers questions Owen Smith as a Leader and recognising Jeremy's failings recognises that he can run on a manifesto of hope.
  6. Tom Colcough in a flowing and lucid piece argues in similar terms that Corbyn has to win. Labour had lost two elections on broadly moderate tickets and had begun losing millions of votes during the stints of Blair and Brown. Turning this round takes time, we need to give Jeremy more. The article is better than my summary, if you read any of these pieces, I recommend you read this one.
  7. David Wearing laments the poor organisation and the lost opportunity after the Brexit vote, especially its calamitous economic effects, provided a once-in-a-generation opportunity to do lasting damage to the Conservative brand.
  8. Ellie Mae Hagen reinvents journalism by actually going to meet Momentum supporters. She discovers they're human beings, just angry for having been ignored for so long.
  9. David Holt 2013 CC BY-SA from wikipedia, cropped and posted on my web server