No safe space

It's the internet's fault. Raises issues off rights, democracy and counter-terrorism policy. I needed to write some things and here are some links I found and used.

  1. During the 2017, general election, there were two terrorist attacks on the UK. The Tories response was that it's all the fault of the internet and doubled down on their attempts to increase the censorship powers on the internet. This means, among other things that human rights activists, even those of us focused on the internet need to begin to look at what the UK's anti-terrorism policies mean to those human rights; especially the PREVENT policy.
  2. Amnesty International, the gold standard for Human Rights describes the UK system as Orwellian and disproportionate.
  3. This hasn't worked so well, it is the page hosting Amnesty International's critical report of the UK's surveillance systems. There should be a thumbnail, but isn't.
  4. This is the law that approves it all.
  5. And two critiques
  6. The Porn filters, no law, just state bullying of the super regulated telcos.