Queen's Speech & Digital Liberty

The Tories had a lot to say during the election about the internet's culpability in allowing a safe space for terrorists. What makes this so dangerous to free speech is their development of the concept of non-violent extremism. What do they actually propose to do?

  1. The Mirror reports on the Queen's Speech, 27 Bills and several executive initiatives, which don't need to be voted on in Parliament.
  2. The GDPR is to be implemented in the UK by the Data Protection Bill. Katie Scott comments on an HR site. I think she misses some things, but basically has it right, we need it to trade and share.
  3. This is reported by the BBC, who quote the government headlines and go to "industry spokespersons" for comment on the GDPR dimension.
  4. On the other hand, Liberty are going to court to have our world class surveillance structure struck down as incompatible with the right to privacy and family life.
  5. It's hard to see if the Tories plan to introduce their manifesto commitment to take down 'radical' material. They propose a Counter-terrorism review and a Commission for Countering Extremism. We should be aware that a number of the Coalition and Tory Government censorship measures such as web site blocking and "Get it Right" have been implemented through "voluntary" codes.
  6. And here's my headline picture, I would love it if this was a two fingers to Brexit gesture, but we'll never know.