This will not end well

Theresa May explains her plans for leaving the EU; she plans to leave the EU, the EEA and the customs union in order to finish her failed task of reducing immigration and excluding the UK from the European Court of Justice.

  1. The Prime Minister lays out her plans for the Brexit negotiations, no deal is better than a bad deal, out of the single market and customs union because we want to get out from underneath the European Court of Justice but Parliament will get the last word.
  2. Here's the speech in full and in video,
  3. Theresa May's Brexit speech in full
  4. Or a text version if you prefer to read it,
  5. The BBC covers it of course
  6. Peter Domiczak at the Telegraph loves it
  7. Chris Dillow thinks she's forgotten she's negotiating with others, who have a stronger hand
  8. The Guardian reports it as a panel, for once Toynbee is spot-on, Harris is interesting as he often is although too often appears to be an apologist for UKIP, but as the old saying goes, man who sits on fence, gets splinters in the bum.
  9. The New Statesman spots the shadow of Angela Merkel at Lancaster Gate
  10. Kalypso Nicolaidis presents three formulae for forecasting the negotiation process. The UK's Deal cannot be better than membership, any opt-ins will be on the basis of EU law and policy, not UK preference, and the EU must have a stake in the final agreements.
  11. Here's what the USD:GBP rate did last week, (Low is Good)
  12. From
  13. And George Soros, whom I do not intend to bet against makes his forecast