May 20, 2022 Watch Hub Reviews
May 19, 2022 The Johnson-Lebedev Letters: A Back-Channel to Vladimir Putin? – Byline Times
Intelligence Committee's brutal swipe at Boris Johnson for ignoring Russian cash fears - Mirror Online
First-past-the-post voting - Wikipedia
Reviewing the TCA: How to Salvage Something from the Wreckage of Brexit
5 Signs of Good and Bad WordPress Websites
A Fjord, from Bing
May 18, 2022 CLPD & #lab22
May 17, 2022 Analysis of the legal and practical aspects of effective alternatives to detention in the context of migration
May 16, 2022 Partition 100 Years On: Edward Carson the true architect of the division of Ireland - The Irish News
May 15, 2022 My proposed rule changes for #lab21
Alexander Platz
The Fernseturm
The Red Town Hall
Karl & Fredreich
Brandenburger Tor
A pizza place
The Tower
Great street names
The East side gallery
View from the Oberbaumbruke
Hazir's kebab house
Am Friedrichshain
Dinner in the Park
Home at Last
Deptford Station
St Afege's
The Resting Hare
The old TRM building
A new passport
In, Out, ....
My window view
A new bar in Deptford
Reginal Road 2021
Once a cocktail bar
Brexit is not done!
Brighton Beach
Brigton Beach
The Promenade
Five Myths About NATO and Afghanistan - Lawfare
May 14, 2022 Labour to ban leftwing groups including Alliance for Workers’ Liberty | Labour | The Guardian
May 12, 2022 Subscribe to read | Financial Times
Honesty, good faith and genuineness
Local elections 2022: The media got it wrong. Labour did make real progress - Prospect Magazine
May 11, 2022 Labour’s Proscriptions
Serbia’s path to EU membership: a never-ending journey
May 10, 2022 CoFoE’s final word on Migration
May 09, 2022 Voters Without Borders - Sign our ECI For Full Political Rights
How New Labour made Britain into a migration state
May 07, 2022 Labour in London, not so good
May 04, 2022 Labour & NATO
Memories are made of this
Is there a Starmer Project?
May 03, 2022 Life after death for Tony Blair | Middle East Eye
May 02, 2022 Is exit from the single market dead?
Jacob Rees-Mogg has given the game away – even this government knows Brexit is a disaster | Jonathan Freedland | The Guardian
Brexit import checks delayed for fourth time - BBC News
ITUC Global Rights Index - ITUC Survey of violations of trade union rights
Why Proportional Representation is better for workers — Chartist
Immigration officers placed in 25 local authorities by Home Office, FoI reveals | Immigration and asylum | The Guardian
Dotcom Bubble Definition
Ireland GDP - 2021 Data - 2022 Forecast - 1960-2020 Historical - Chart - News
May 01, 2022 Ted Grant - Ireland after the Ceasefire
Who Is Keir Starmer?
April 29, 2022 Travel to Strasbourg
Despite Macron’s win, the French election is still a far-Right victory | openDemocracy
Keir Starmer says asylum seekers should apply to UK from ‘misery’ of French camps, to ease crisis | The Independent
Sunak launches £25m ‘fraud squad’ to recover lost Covid support billions | Economic recovery | The Guardian
Northern Ireland elections: will Sinn Féin beat the DUP? | openDemocracy
Tell us who you really are, Keir Starmer - New Statesman
All the British Airways flights cancelled today from UK airports | The Independent
Why Can’t Starmer Just Be Like Blair? | Novara Media
April 28, 2022 What is the difference between wrongful dismissal and unfair dismissal? | FAQs | Tools |
Miscarriage of Justice
April 27, 2022 Boris Johnson is flailing – so he is reviving his Brexit greatest hits | Rafael Behr | The Guardian
April 26, 2022 Labour in for Britain
April 24, 2022 John Smith and the path Britain did not take | openDemocracy
April 23, 2022 A Reckless Gamble - Comment is Freed
Amazon workers in Staten Island vote to form first US union via the
EU would be our trade priority, UK opposition Labour Party says | Reuters
April 22, 2022 Campaigners urge Starmer to moderate hardline backing for Brexit - EU Reporter
A European Debt Agency could create a safe asset without debt mutualisation | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
April 21, 2022 NPF Candidate Statements - The Labour Party
April 19, 2022 UNHCR ‘firmly’ opposing UK-Rwanda offshore migration processing deal | | UN News
April 17, 2022 CoFoE, Climate Change, environment and health.
April 16, 2022 Priti Patel could face Home Office mutiny over Rwanda asylum plan | Priti Patel | The Guardian
Waltham Forest Labour gives away seat by expelling own candidate | Waltham Forest Echo
April 15, 2022 dfl1955 pushed to master in dfl1955/windows-tools
dfl1955 pushed to master in dfl1955/windows-tools
April 14, 2022 No to offshoring!!
Rwanda migrants: Where has offshoring been used for asylum seekers before? | The Independent
April 13, 2022 Labour cannot stand on the sidelines in the debate on rejoining the EU - The New European
April 12, 2022 Annual Conference 2022 - The Labour Party
April 11, 2022 Ukraine solidarity – Defend democracy – support victims of kidnapping and violence