Big Data and the populist right

The Motherboard article, the first below, brought to my attention the confluence of psychological personality theories, pyschographs and big data and how this had been used by Cameron, Trump & the Brexit campaign.

  1. The article which points at the theorists, their original toy-like collection tools on Facebook, and its transition via the Obama campaign into the Cambridge Analytica's big data engine.
  2. Talking about Obama's campaign
  3. It's not so much the tools, as the governance.
  4. The Guardian provides a detailed history of how Cambridge Analytica came to be
  5. George Monbiot adds his two-pennies worth
  6. The Guardian on Axelrod vs Messina, the message crafter vs. the data miner.
  7. Have the Tories spent two much?
  8. A bit later the Register adds it's twopenny worth. I rather like this quote from the article,
  9. A version of this test is online here, with another that analyses language. The first 1,000 words of Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit speech from January generates a 67 per cent openness rating, making her "liberal and artistic" rather than "conservative and traditional", and a 99 per cent score for her being a man.
  10. Image Credit: Merrill College of Journalism CC 2012 BY-NC @flickr