The next evolution of Capitalism

How much is Capitalism changing due to the Silicon Revolution in the means of production.

  1. A bunch of books, articles and reviews have been released over the last few months considering the short and long term future of the techno-economy. We are on the cusp of Silicon Revolution's "Golden Age", when the people rein in the excesses of the capital market's hypergrowth excesses. This story was originally created in the Summer of 2015, my hope was to read both "Post Capitalism" and "The 2nd Machine Age" and write a blog on my views as to the nature of the changes coming; but life got in the way.
  2. The first and most substantial contribution is
  3. and it had been preceded in my feeds by this review of the 2nd Machine Age
  4. here some other contributions mainly from Left thinkers
  5. In November, Anne Pettifor was invited to a seminar on Mason's book, "Post Capitalism", and published her speech notes, critiquing Mason for his reliance on Capitalism's mutations which she disputes, the mechanism and lack of human agency in Capitalist development which he sees in the opposition to capitalism and his focus on profit, when rent taking is a more prevalent form of capitalist accumulation. Her blog is immediately below, and the full notes s a .pdf at the bottom of this page.
  6. This is a californian libertarian's view of the techno-economy, possibly the end game for people like Uber.
  7. It couldn't be complete with a look at what Marx has to say, and in the Grundrisse, he wrote the "Fragment On Machines", and I have a precis, a let me google that for you, and a .pdf which is at the bottom of the page..
  8. When looking at the future of capitalism, I believe that one needs to consider this book, it's not the second age, it's the fifth.
  9. Here's the .pdf for Fragment on Machines.