Stop Academies in Lewisham

The Management of Childeric school are beginning a consultation over joining a Multi-Academy trust.

There is a campaign meeting to oppose this being held next week.

Public Meeting:

Partnership not academisation for Childeric

Tuesday 30th January 7:30 pm., @ New Cross Learning (map…)

Speakers include Lewisham Deptford’s MP, Vicky Foxcroft.

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Add to Calendar aYnTfERsQzDJzSboGmzR37509 01/30/2018 07:00 PM 01/30/2018 9:00 PM Europe/London Childeric: The case against academisation A public meeting called by the Unions representing workers in Childeric school to oppose the proposed academisation. Speakers include Vicky Foxcroft MP New Cross Learning Centre, 471 New Cross Rd, London SE14 6TA, UK false

Taking back control

Lewisham’s local government workers are calling for an end of the system of an executive, directly elected mayor in Lewisham and are calling a meeting to discuss this later in the month.

Add to my Calendar 30/03/2017 07:00 PM 30/03/2017 09:00 PM Europe/London Unite the Union: The future of local government in Lewisham Come along and take part in a conversation regarding the structure of local government in the borough. Unite are calling for a return to a traditional committee & leader and abolition of the Mayoral and Cabinet system – especially in light of the Millwall CPO debacle.
Venue Catford Constitutional Club, Catford Broadway, London SE6 4SP
Date 30th March 2017 7pm.
Speakers Dr Peter Latham –leading expert on local government. Author “The State & Local Government”, Guardian Sports investigative journalist - Barney Ronay
Chair of meeting: - Nick Long Lewisham Town Hall Unite branch chair m 07515113390
Catford Constitutional Club, Catford Broadway, London SE6 4SP, UK Nick Long N/A false DD/MM/YYYY aHNypeIjCzZMhgHEImya26521

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