Just checked with Hansard, the SNP & Lucas did not vote for Labour’s amendment on the Welfare Bill. This is parliamentary game playing, although a game we asked for through the decision to abstain on the 2nd reading bill, which originally was to be done without positively stating our position through an amendment.


And last night, the Parliamentary Labour Party, with 48 exceptions abstained on the second reading of the Welfare Bill. Jeremy Corbyn was one of the exceptions as were the leading candidates for London Mayor, at least those who are MPs. The SNP are making a big noise about Labour failing to vote with them, but it doesn’t look like they voted for Labour’s amendment & it’s only second reading! It’s Harman’s decision to abstain, that has created the dilemma.


At the Labour Leadership Hustings, I was discussing with comrades the impact of the “Indie” referendum, and argued that we had brewed it big time. While the need for an answer to the currency question and the risk of capital flight (supported by every Scottish saver) were important, until Gordon Brown made his speech on pooled sovereignty and the advantages, successes and future of the United Kingdom, Labour’s argument was gives us your votes and seats to sustain a Labour Government. Neither were enough and Brown’s speech was too late and under reported since all the English media wanted to talk about the “solemn vow” of devo-max, which Cameron pissed all over within hours of the result.

London’s Labour Leadership Hustings

London’s Labour Leadership Hustings

So the Leader debate is becoming about winning in 2020, how to win back the Tories and the Presidential qualities of the candidates, that’s what the Press are saying and that’s what the supporters of the three wise monkeys are arguing. The question that needs to be proved by them is that they are any more likely to win than Corbyn with his Keynesian anti-austerity policy. I attended the London Hustings for Labour’s Leadership yesterday. I don’t think it will have changed many people’s minds.