The spuds and garlic are doing well. We’re just planting out the tomatoes. The ginger didn’t take, perhaps I should take the advice of bringing it on indoors, and buying from a speciality shop; they won’t muck around with it so much. The later planted corns, which have been well watered have also been moved on. I also put two raspberry plants in this weekend. The basil is coming on too, obviously, a green house and watering helps. Ash stops slugs.


When does long term trade deficit become a disaster, at what point can we no longer import? I assume we are borrowing foreign currency i.e. selling government bonds to foreigners to fund it today. Our balance of trade deficit is about the same size as the fiscal deficit.



On June 23rd, there will be the most important democratic decision taken in the UK, ever. The British People and those of Northern Ireland will be asked if they wish to remain in or leave the European Union. I am firmly of the view that both collectively and individually we will be better off, have more freedoms and a richer political, and non-political culture if we remain in. Like others, I have a list of issues that I believe need to be considered, mine are, Jobs & Prosperity, Citizenship Rights, Sovereignty and Peace & Hope.


YouGov are asking if their panel believes that Cameron (In), Johnson (Out) & Corbyn (In) are campaigning for the #referendum results that they rally want. Watch out for this, looks like Cameron is higher than expected and Johnson lower than it should be.


“I have just submitted my views on Trident Renewal to Labour’s “Your Britain” site. Trident can’t defend us, it’s not independent, it’s an uneconomic defence asset and funding it denies us defence resources we need. Why don’t you go there and vote it up? “.

On Trident Renewal

On Trident Renewal

I have today, submitted this article, on reasons not to renew Trident to Labour’s “Your Britain” site, I am now looking to see how to submit it to the Labour Party’s trident review. My submission focuses on the defence arguments, its ineffectiveness as a defence weapon, its questionable independence, its cost and its opportunity cost. If you agree, please visit the Your Britain site and vote for it.