Ubuntu, Java and Snipsnap

Struggling to bring up a snipsnap instance on an Ubuntu Virtual Box VM. I have returned to the Synaptic Package Manager and am installing the Java JDK, Groovy and Velocity, not that I need velocity but its fun. I have also included the javadb for good effect as well.


Originally published on blog version 3, the snipsnap bliki. …

Are liberal licenses a better future proofing

A couple of days after the Kable Open Source conference, I looked up Gianugo Rabellino’s blog and read his then most recent blog article, “Of Oracle, Sun and Open Development” about the impact of M&A on open source investment protection.

The conclusion I draw from his article is that open source adopters need to make investment protection a selection criteria. Its well understood that the vibrancy of the product community is crucial, so its just obvious that taking a view on the future is as important. Gianugo also argues that liberal licenses enhance the ability of a community to survive M&A activity. I think he’s probably right, and this means that license terms might become important even to end user sites who have no intention of distributing software. It may also be worth measuring how diverse an open source development community is before adopting the software. …