Sunday: 9:30 Leaving the Hotel Bristol, for the Airport via Memento Park. I am looking forward to the statues, and the weather is fine.

Saturday 23:59 An early night this time, although we did explore a local bar round the corner from the Bristol, but in bed before midnight.

Saturday 19:30 I said we had to return to Gundel so we did. Here’s their famous guests page, you’ll note we’re not there. Maybe we should suggest we should be. We ate on the terrace, and the experience was enhanced by the howling of the neighbouring Zoo wolves. Thanks for the good time.


Saturday 15:30 A refreshing libation at Negro and then a walk along the east bank of the Danube, taking in the view of the Castle, Royal Palace and the National Parliament building, decorated by Charles Barry who also finished of Westminster Palace aka the Houses of Parliament in London.

Saturday 14:00 We have been shooting guns, in the words of Neo from the Matrix, “Lots of Guns”. See Top Gun Tours’ “Red Army Experience” to get an idea. They have some pictures of the hand guns and assault rifles we used. (This’d be good with a picture, and when I post them, I’ll link or include).

Saturday 01:45 Having moved on via the Place of Heros to the Meridien, once the central Police Station and then onto a bar called Negro which has a writeup at the World’s Best Bars site abd where I thought the service and atmosphere was good, we headed back to the Bristol. I thought it was a good day. And so to bed….

Friday 14:00 I got up late, walked across the City Park, past the zoo and ended up at Gundel for late lunch. This was excellent, great service, food and wine. Needs to be done again.

A not so long way home
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