The drive from Las Vegas airport to the casino hotels is not very long, but further than I’d want to walk carrying my luggage. I took a taxi and was entertained by the driver who also took two elderly canadians to the hotels as well. We discussed Bush’s imminent invasion of Canada 🙄 , the War of 1812-14 where he concluded that the UK is best off that Bush & the neo-cons don’t know their Napoleonic history, Greece, Germany, UK – Las Vegas direct flights, and the Sun stock price. Truly not a range of subjects I expect a taxi driver to want to talk about but I’ve been poorly trained in London – At least he’ll be able to say to you all, I had that Dave Levy in the back of my cab.   😎


Originally posted on my sun/oracle blog, republished here in Feb 2016.

A taxi ride in Las Vegas
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