What Ed said when launching the manifesto, the tag line is, “We believe that Britain only succeeds when working families succeed” but the obverse is that just because it’s working for the few, be they rent takers, landlords, entrepreneurs or press barons doesn’t mean its working for everyone, in fact it’s a proof point that it isn’t. NB A leader of the Labour Party said that, although his words are better than mine.

I also like the line that Cameron strongly stands against the weak, and also does the opposite.

Miliband points out that the NHS needs staff, which will be provided, Labour will prohibit profit in the NHS and repeal the Tory’s Health and Social Care bill which is also their platform for privatisation. No wonder the Tories offer to fund increases in the NHS; it’ll go straight into the pockets of the privateers and finance houses.

Some who abandoned Labour over the war in Iraq might want to see what Ed says, the lessons have been learned. We’ll not act alone again.


Britain succeeds

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