And now there’s another election in the Labour Party. The Conference Arrangements Committee ballot is still open, but this article also talks about two women, Teresa Clark & Jean Crocker seeking election to the Women’s Conference Arrangements Committee. The ballot for Labour’s Conference arrangements committee have not yet closed, emails with unique passwords were sent earlier this month and paper ballots sent out a week or two ago. There are two slates, one supporting the current Leadership, and one representing New Labour continuity. I have voted for Seema Chandwani & Billy Hayes. I suggest you do too.

Last year Labour Conference voted to make Women’s Conference a policy making body and thus it need a Conference Arrangements Committee. The left candidates are Theresa Clark and Jean Crocker.

Their statements, which include their LP Numbers which are needed for the nomination are here… &  here…. Further necessary information needed to nominate Teresa & Jean is on a comment in this CLPD facebook post.

CAC & Women’s CAC

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