This is the mirror of my first post at …. Hi! – Friends such as Alex Muffet & Jon Haslem have persuaded me to open this web log. This initial entry is not going to set the world on fire, but some of the changes at Sun both encourage the premature expression of ideas, but make the publication of more complete thoughts more difficult, hopefully, they’ll fix the latter problem some time, but I propose to take advantage of the former at this site.

I hope that some of what I put here, about IT issues, business and Computer Games (including Baldur’s Gate 2) will be interesting, innovative and useful.

I also expect to just put some simple stuff up; stuff that does not warrant a web page, maybe I’ll x-ref my amazon book reviews and put up some that I don’t expect to publish elsewhere. I doubt I’ll be writing about either cooking or DIY. I am also expecting to open a web site of my own soon to help my work as a consultant, and to help me participate in this & other net community activities.

My job at Sun is as a Consultant & I have been part of Sun’s Professional Services team since I joined Sun in 1997 and have worked with over 100 Sun customers over that time, mainly in Banking & Finance, but also other industry sectors. It’ll be interesting to see how I can write about my work, while maintaining customer confidentiality, but I’m sure I’ll manage.

It seems to me that using this blog as a way of discussing and improving my ideas before they’re finished seems worthwhile; actually finishing and publishing is hard work, while “streams of consciousness” are much easier to start. Maybe the comments I get will improve the ideas, using community techniques to everyone’s benefit.

Dave Levy, Online at last
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