I am just about to set of for ORGcon 2017. It’s a two day conference and I am chairing a panel tomorrow at 15:00

How to make a People’s Charter of Digital Liberties

Help Labour to make a People’s Charter of Digital Liberties


A small panel discussion led by Richard Barbrook, on how Parliament and the people could build a People’s Charter of Digital Liberties. The panel will be chaired by Dave Levy, a Labour Party member of the ORG Supporters Council, the second panellist will be Mara Leverkuhn, a Labour Party digital rights activist.

In his 2016 leadership campaign, Jeremy Corbyn’s Digital Democracy Manifesto promised that Labour would introduce a People’s Charter of Digital Liberties when elected to power.

This panel and discussion is designed to focus on how this digital bill of rights could be developed, how one might use the networked society’s tools to synthesis opinion, crowd source the clauses of the Charter and make an actionable development plan. The panel will be small, and maximum time will be given for attendee contributions.

Digital Liberties
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