Michael Fallon has resigned as Secretary of State for Defence as part of the fallout from the #metoo campaign. The Guardian covers his resignation and MoD achievements in an article, entitled, “Fallon: the image-conscious minister felled by indiscretions“. While they talk about why he resigned,

I am more interested in their statement that his pursuit of Trident and the Aircraft Carriers, in opposition to the senior military have left the UK defence capability weaker than ever.

They also look at the hypocrisy and lies told about UK interventions in Syria and the Yemen. In their final paragraphs, they say

….. he said he had fallen below the high standards required of the services.¬†But he was never a member of the armed forces. The standards he was required to uphold were those of a parliamentarian.

It may not be over for him yet!


Fall of Fallon
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