I was rung by an ex-client, now living and working in Denmark, my heart jumped, not only is the opportunity exciting, but could this be a route to remain a citizen of the EU. It would be a long shot, the job would have to last a long time; it wouldn’t be easy even under current law but there’s no doubt that this won’t be possible; the Tories, in the shadow of UKIP will attempt to close these doors because they want to stop immigration despite the economic damage it will do, and they are happy to have the rest of the EU retaliate as it forces remain voters to remain in the UK. Not content with walking away from Europe themselves, they insist that we do too. The rest of the EU won’t want the old because they become a health care burden and between them both they’ll make moving even private pensions into Europe harder and harder, not to mention the drop in value of sterling which will get worse vs. the northern European economies. It brought back the anger I felt last June because it’s not just that they want to fuck up their own lives, they insist on doing so to mine; it’s the theft of my freedom that I find hardest to take.



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