The best comment on Charlottesville, “Just to be clear guys, it stopped being about statues the moment people started walking around with swastikas, I think that can be pretty much agreed universally.” from CNN’s Kate Bolduan.

Free Speech

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  • 21st August 2017 at 5:11 pm

    This allegedly started because anti-racism activists pulled down a statue of Robert E. Lee. White supremacists then arranged a demo but bought their Nazi flags with them. Bolduan’s comment nicely draws a line between fans of history and fascists. Several people have commented on when the statues were built and their true semantic meaning. Others talk about how Germany comes to terms with its history i.e. by studying it but I was fascinated by how the dealt with the Soviet Era statues in Hungary; they built a park which I visited in 2010. I say in the blog, that I was and remain grateful to my taxi driver’s daughter who added to the political context, through personal testimony beyond what I had picked up from the guide book. They may have to rewrite the guidebook but the Hungarian people debated what to do and choose to move them to a park on the outskirts of Budapest so that all could learn from Hungary’s post war history.

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