In the autumn of 2006, I decided to have my garden done over.

Garden 2006 Garden 2006

I have a photo blog both on flickr and a page on this site, which if you go and look at, you’ll see why I felt I had to do it. Garden Design has become very accessable since the launch of Alan Titchmarsh’s “Ground Force”, but it shows that you need both talent and enormous knowledge. I sold my last house to a garden designer, who is no longer pursuing that business and she recommended Susie Bower, of Susie Bower Gardens.

The task seemed enormous and we were really unsure as to what we wanted and what would grow. Susie listened to our ideas and preferences and translated them into a hard landscape design and planting plan that we’re really pleased with. She then bought the plants and dug them in. We’re really looking forward to seeing how it grows and the pictures show the elements of the hard design and some of the evergreens and grasses which are an important part of the contemporary look we agreed to aim at. We’re very pleased with what we’ve done so far, and Susie has agreed to come back in the Spring and Autumn to make sure that the plants are happy and that we’re looking after them properly.

The flickr set, shows that we discovered a drainage problem during the hard landscaping stage and we decided to get some galvanised metal containers to ensure that the soil did not become water logged. They were supplied by “Cedar Nursery”, whose General Manager, Andy Clark was exceptionally helpful in meeting our timescales.

The third member of the team was the hard landscaping contractor. I used a local company, “Sue Newman Landscapes”. This team’s (Sue, Matt, Dean & Chris) effort and professionalism allowed them to transform the garden. We had some poor weather but they managed to complete the work in time for the planting and turfing to happen at the right time. The flickr set shows the laying of the patio, the finished round deck, the new lawn and the new circular planter.


I have a one page blog article with a flickr slideshow of the process.

This was originally posted in the static pages of this site, I transferred it to the blog as part of the general cleanup undertaken in June/July 2013. The original work was undertaken over the summer of 2006, I am unsure when the Gardening pages were originally written and posted.

Ground Forcing the Garden
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