Finally got round to watching “Steve Jobs”, this is set from 1984 through 1998, focused on three product launches, the LISA, the Next Station and the iMAC. The film covers his dismissal from Apple, the Innovator’s dilemma, the failure of the Newton and ends with a signpost to the ipod and iphone. I wonder if the depiction of the arguments between him and Wozniak around open vs. closed was true, because android is bigger than ios and the Mac laptops now use  an open source operating system. The Innovator’s dilemma is about when to destructively & innovatively  compete with yourself; the answer being once it’s clear you’ll lose, or preferably just before your competitors do but Apple almost died because it had no product to to replace the Apple II. I wonder if Jobs actually stated that the Newton failed because it required a stylus, and even if’ it’s true. It could have been that it was just ahead of its time; we needed cloud computing or cheaper/denser storage before the PDA was going to work although some might argue that the Macbook is just a PDA with a keyboard and in closing I loved Lisa’s comments that the iMAC looked like Judy Jetson’s easy bake oven.


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