The problem with the NEC rulings on voter suppression isn’t the levying of a £25 fee on registered supporters, although I think the fee is too high (as are the non-concessionary membership fees); it is doing this in conjunction with the dubious legality of prohibiting them from any long term relationship with Labour Party and the use of this mechanism to allow richer people to buy their way around the dubiously legal freeze date of 12th January & 24th June. Allowing the registered supporter registration to be available for only two days cannot be designed to maximise participation.

Like many I argued together with our local party comrades against the Collins rule changes, but we lost. Conference has said, twice, it started in 2010, that registered supporters will have a say in choosing our Leader.

The NEC rulings also stop all those people who have joined since the referendum from voting in both the Leadership and the NEC election. It is cynical narcissistic ploy, promoting the interest of faction above that of mass membership party.


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