I am documenting my CPD’s and reviewing the contents of my LinkedIn blog and came across this, “The GDPR will become British law”, published last year where I predicted that the GDPR would be grandfathered into British Law via the proposed “Great Repeal Bill”.

What a difference a year and a general election makes.

I did not predict that since the GDPR has member state derogations and that the Government would bring a Data Protection Bill to Parliament. The fact they’ve lost their majority and are now frightened of loosing votes in Parliament is another motivation for sticking a big complex bill into the time table; iit burns time and one would hope that it can be uncontroversial so there’s no chance of loosing a vote, and even if they do, who cares, apart from people like me.

This could of course be a complete waste of time as it’s the courts which will decide what the law means and if we should leave then the issues raised here … will apply.

One long year
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