Here’s an interesting review of the UK’s DP Act and the likely implications of the GDPR/Brexit. The author identifies that the Commission has launched an infraction investigation into the UK’s implementation of the Data Protection Directive, they identify some of the weaknesses and report that despite issuing several freedom of information requests, that the infractions identified by the Commission are secret.

It is suggested that the UK Government will use the Restrictions Article powers to reduce the impact of the GDPR and in doing so may jeopardise the UK’s attempts to obtain an adequacy ruling. I think they’re a bit excitable since UK firms and foreign owned multi-nationals will be able to use model clauses and binding corporate commitments to trade with the EU even without an adequacy ruling, although some firms may choose to relocate, most easily to Dublin.

The article also talks about two court cases which have expanded citizen protection under the DPA using reference to the Directive and the CJEU rulings. After Brexit, the opinions of the CJEU are likely to be irrelevant,

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