So no prosecutions for Electoral Fraud, now there’s a surprise! A blogger, calling him or herself the Secret Barrister explains in detail here, that the Conservative Party at a national level have been found guilty of electoral fraud and that investigations into further prosecution of their, then, national treasurer are still continuing.  At a local level, the CPS had to determine if there was sufficient evidence of corruption (prison) and/or false accounting (fines) to warrant prosecution. They decided that there was insufficient evidence of corruption at a local level, because the national party had told them the expenses were national party expenses, which they then, in some part, under reported. They also decided there was no public interest in prosecuting them for false accounting. The secret barrister describes this as charitable.

Given the amount of words used by the Electoral Commission, in levying the maximum fine, stating that part of the Tories’ offence has been the undermining of public confidence in the PPERA and its electoral expense control, one might have thought that the CPS would consider that there are public interest grounds for prosecuting those for whom evidence of false accounting was solid.

Who appoints the DPP?

Public Interest

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