One problem with Facebook (& Twitter) is that they are rivers, once the water has gone by it’s gone and can no longer be seen. I have written this and posted here, because a friend contributed to a thread on Facebook on the Monarchy, which I can no longer find. He suggested that we have a choice between what we have today or an executive presidency like France and the US. It’s not true, most of the European Republics have weak presidencies that do what our Queen does, play a role in the formation of government, a job done mainly by convention and law. This could be done by the Speaker or any other indirectly elected citizen.

Personally I am motivated for a weak presidency within a Republic with a strong Parliament bound by the rule of law. i.e. Parliament must be bound by a rule of law.

I read this line, a long time ago, in “Man & Superman” by George Bernard Shaw,

My rank is the highest known in Switzerland, I am a free citizen

I think I want that!


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  • 29th June 2017 at 9:25 am

    Once one get’s started, while we’re at it, we should replace the House of Lords, the EU is a republican democracy bound by the rule of law and Republic, the republican campaigning organisation argues for a directly elected President, which is one reason I don’t support it, just as I oppose executive mayors, and super-hero police commissioners.¬†

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