In Cameron’s resignation honour’s list, Jeremy Corbyn nominated Shami Chakrabarti to be a peer, a member of the House of Lords. This has upset some in the Labour Party, and some in the Jewish community. Chakrabarti’s appointment to the House of Lords as a Labour peer is a coup for the Labour Party, her track record in pursuing the defence of human rights and for grown-up adult politics makes her the most appropriate appointment for many years. The attacks by the Jewish community are an attempt to play the person not the ball, as they seek to prolong the smear that Labour is anti-semitic. There is also a subliminal return to the sexist attacks made on her when she was campaigning against the last Labour Government’s plans for a national ID database with David Davies MP because of the implication that she has been unjustly preferred. Labour Party members should be proud that its front bench (or at least its Leader) wants to be associated with such a brave, independent, capable and fair women. I am.

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