Nov 2017 – I corrected the links in the code section of “Insights” and added the github links.

Jun 2017 – I uploaded a copy of the EDRi white paper, a Charter of Digital Rights and linked to it in the mirrors section of the Insights page. I reinstalled the xslt engine, the ATOM feed is now working

May 2017 – I installed a ./mingle redirect statement, and add a target=”_blank” to the i/o key index list.

Apr 2017 – I deleted the SNOBS mirror, and implemented the site at

Mar 2017 – I updated the Labour Rules mirror to the 2017 version.

Dec 2016 – I have cross referenced the Labour Rules to the wiki copy which is now the 2016 rule set. I have made a feeds page, as a sub page of “Insights”

Sep 2016 – I have completed the Sun/Oracle blog migration

Jul 2016 – I have integrated my new micro blog ported from and I restored the FOAF file functionality