At the Brockley selection, which selected by about ⅔ majorities candidates supporting the incumbency, the questions were as about transgender rights, Brockley campaigning & why it’s important to live in the wards, who they voted for in the Leadership, and issues important to Brockley.

The transgender debate is important to some member’s of Brockley ward, and asking about the leadership votes is a short cut to understanding one’s political centre of gravity. This latter question was challenged as questions prohibited in employment interviews are also prohibited in Labour’s selections. The Chair, rightly ruled it in order; its the one of the two central political questions in the Labour Party, although many wish it weren’t because of their past actions.

The other two questions relate to Brockley campaigning and why it’s important to live in the ward, and what are the important Brockley issues? Many asked why the second of these questions was not declared a duplicate.

To me this shows the inward looking nature of many of Brockley Labour, there’s nothing really special about Brockley, its problems are the same as everyone else’s  Housing, Education, Diversity & cuts in services (which is caused by the Tory central government.), issues. I am disappointed that no-one has asked about welcoming refugees and Lewisham Council’s participation in immigration raids and data sharing.


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