That’s odd, the post and comments about not holding a Leadership nomination meeting in Lewisham Deptford Labour Party have been removed from their Facebook page. A member asked about the absence of a meeting, and was replied to by Dale Campbell Sharpe who while not being present at the Executive Committee meeting which made the decision stated he supported the decision on primarily financial grounds. His thread, caused me to write the following, which I was going to post as a comment.

This is a provocation. While I have some sympathy with the practical side of organising such a large, (over 2000 would have been invited) all members’ nomination meeting at such short notice and that the constraints placed on the EC by the NEC made it even more difficult and potentially worthless, cost is at the bottom of the list. Personally I was waiting for the minutes to be published before we discussed this but to claim that our EC voted not to have a nomination meeting for practical reasons alone, when we now know that Labour First were attempting to suppress the Corbyn campaign and the membership’s voice, is treating us as idiots.

I first dealt with this originally here.


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