Clarity needed?

I made an FOI request to the BBC; they have asked for clarification. I am not sure what to say. Here is my request.

I would like to request the following information.

1. For each of the last five years, for the 10 largest currencies, your earnings and expense of foreign exchange.

2. For each of the last five years, the value of business conducted and the identity of the five largest foreign suppliers broken down into intellectual property purchase and sale, network service provision and other items

Is this unclear? Can you help me make it more so?  …

On an informed citizenry

On an informed citizenry

I was invited to attend Tom Watson’s speech building on much of his campaigning work and presented in the New Statesman as reclaiming civil liberty for the Left, although sub titled by him as “David Cameron is governing from the shadows”. In this article I review the speech; I try to report on it and to comment by adding some personal views and insights, in some cases new ideas provoked by Tom’s speech. It was quite a long speech and it takes a diverse route to get to its polemical heart which is that Democracy is the choice by an informed citizenry of a government, subject to the rule of law and that the Freedom of Information Act is one of the pillars of this contract and should not be diminished or repealed. …