Distributing ideas

The site, “If this then that” offers trigger actions as a web service. It works with objects it calls recipes and channels.

Recipes are the “if this then that” relationship, and channels define the this and that. It has a long list of pre-canned channels and recipes, but sadly NOT an output RSS/XML channel.

I have today, just created a trigger that takes my blog feed and posts it to facebook. Obviously I need to test it. This is part of the exploration on how to rebuild my personal streams which have been damaged by Facebook, Google and Twitter’s attempts to enclose our speech into their “secret gardens”.


Laptop diaries XII, Python

I wrote my first Python program over the weekend. The program determines if the file system is in jeopardy of bursting and sends a text. I have copied this in full to this blog as while the implementation technology is defunct, the problem remains real, although IFTTT are doing a good job of solving it. How to perform a mail to text is not documented here. It’s mainly about using associative arrays and dictionaries …