Benefits and Pensions

Benefits and Pensions

Jonathan Ashworth, the Shadow spokesperson for the DWP spoke, his words are here. He promised that, “we’ll reform, overhaul and replace the Tory Universal Credit system. We’ll treat people with dignity, not burden them with impossible debts, support children not punish them and we’ll reinstate a principle Labour has championed since the days of Barbara Castle but ditched by the Tories, the financial independence of women should be protected in our social security system too.”

He finished with,

So, friends, this is our mission: 

Full employment and decent pay; 

Security in retirement; 

A better world for our children; 

Because as Nelson Mandela said:  

“Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity but an act of justice.” 

Let us rise to that cause and build a future of opportunity, fairness and justice for all. 

Jonathan ashworth MP at Labour Conference 22