A bunch of New Labour survivors are presenting the idea that the Labour Party’s commitment to winning public office means that this is the only way in which the Labour Party should look to change society; they contrast this with Corbyn’s ambition to build a movement. In this article, “A hijack or a mutiny? Labour, leadership and the left”, Jeremy Gilbert dissects this claim by studying the rules and referring to the Labour Party’s history.

He also at the nature of movements and parties; the road to elitism and concludes with the statement, that the party has not been hijacked by arrivistes and entryists, but that this is a mutiny; the membership, even those who joined before 2015 want to turn to the Left and rebuild Labour’s campaigning movement.

Bea Campbell, in an article called Corbynism, also writes about movements and Parties and examines rump New Labour’s inability to evolve; she pointed me at the Gilbert article. She says,

The surprising dullness of candidates challenging Corbyn during the first leadership election campaign, and their performance since then, is indicative — it is a kind of mute inability to connect with the impact of 2008 and the neo-liberal implosion; it renders them the living dead.

As summed up by one of the speakers at the CLPD rally, it isn’t a choice between electoral politics and a movement, we need both; something that was understood in the ’70s and ’80s. It was also understood more recently when the local Labour Party supported, maybe incubated the movement  to “Save Lewisham A+E”. …

Did the South London TSA break the law?

If closing Lewisham A&E is illegal because considering Lewisham Hospital as part of the answer to SE London Health Authority’s financial problems was ultra-vires because they made recommendations that were not “in relation to the trust”,  where the trust was South East London trust; will the Secrteary of State look to recover the fees of the Trust Special Administrator who made a recommendation later proven to be illegal.

What do you think? …

Save Lewisham A&E – Hunt’s broken the Law

Save Lewisham A&E – Hunt’s broken the Law

Hunt’s closure of Lewisham A&E ruled illegal by the High Court, and here’s how various supporters of the campaign reacted.

Mark, the artist taxi driver seems to like swearing, a lot! What he seems to like swearing about and at is the Tories! This isn’t a problem for me, in fact I find him funny, but some may find his language offensive. Of course, what he’s talking about is pretty offensive. …

Save Lewisham A&E II

Unfortunately, I can’t make the final consultation meeting organised to consult on the TSA report on South London’s Hospitals. It seems that a large number of Lewisham’s residents have managed it. We can find out what’s happening by tracking twitter’s #savelewishamae feed.

After this meeting, it’s important that we all express our views in the “consultation” exercise. How to participate is best expressed at “Save Lewisham A+E” web site. This now has

It’s important to get as many as possible, in Ealing which is suffering a similar attack, the Commissioners are trying to ignore a response of 18,000 as reported in the Ealing Gazette. I have created a short URL, http://is.gd/u5pdea

If you haven’t signed the petition , then it’s here. …