How sad that if one googles ‘Johanna Baxter’ all we get is pointers to her statements on Tuesday’s NEC about bullying and intimidation and Corbyn’s failure to protect her on having a secret ballot.

I have voted for Johanna several times, her centrist and non-slate appeal was what I think the party needed and the fact that she had clean hands of the NEC’s failures during the New Labour ascendency also appealed.

With respect to the events on Tuesday, I am sorry she felt intimated and upset. However, the vote was secret, although this is contrary to the rules. Representatives should vote in such away that they can be held to account by their electors. Hate crimes and fraud should be referred to the police.

Additionally she had asked for members to tell her what they think about the incumbent being included on the ballot paper, the establishment of a freeze date and the role of last year’s registered supporters. I replied using the email I have for her i.e. by replying to a mail she sent me while campaigning for her election to the NEC.¬† I also posted a version of the letter to my blog; personally I think this is exceptionally reasonable, I can’t have been the only one.

Tears & Transparency

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